Who feeds your thinking?

Effective communication acts as a bridge — creating connections.

Brand planning feeds your thinking to increase the likelihood of creating communication that captures the imagination and engages hearts and minds: Clear. Genuine. Personal.

To help you create this kind of customer connection in your communications, we synthesize reams of market information. We get into your culture. We get out and listen to your target audiences and observe what’s really going on – how people actually experience your brand.

We dig until we find what we call the Bridge Point – a core insight revealing the underlying potential for strengthening customer-brand relationships.

Planning is a path-finding role and the outcome is focused, forward-thinking brand strategy.


Your need. Your approach.

We offer three core planning approaches customized to meet your needs:

Bridges Brand Blueprint

A comprehensive approach to brand planning.

Disciplined. Imaginative. Collaborative. An in-depth, research-based process for sharpening brand focus and taking your communication to the next level. Decoding the customer values and attitudes impacting your business, we create a blueprint for building or remodeling your brand.

Bridges Brand Blast

The fast track to a smart brand platform.

When you are in a race against time, Bridges Brand Blast is called into play. Designed to quickly harness our combined knowledge, experience and intuitive judgement, we drive to a smart brand platform in a matter of weeks. Customer focus is maintained with ongoing feedback for continuous improvement.

Bridges Brain Reserve

Research and planning support for agencies.

Flexibility. Innovation. Objectivity. Bridges plugs in to fill the need, becoming an extension of your own team. From research to creative briefings, the focus is on supporting the development of breakthrough ideas to meet your clients’ objectives.


Creating your blueprint for brand success.

1. Grounding

Tapping into the existing knowledge base.

We start with a thorough knowledge transfer from client to consultant. After synthesizing the input and all secondary research, we hold our first workshop to identify information gaps, discuss trends, and develop assumptions for in-depth evaluation among target audiences.

2. Discovering

Customer and brand insights research.

Innovative research approaches, designed to get as close as possible to actual behavior and real-world environments, are used along with traditional methodologies. Ultimately, we are looking for visceral customer reactions that provide insights to the total brand experience.

3. Decoding

Savvy translation of data into direction.

The creation of compelling strategy requires an interpretive ability. Armed with insights from the first two steps, we reveal the underlying potential for the brand, as reflected from both the customer’s perspective and leadership’s vision.

4. Delivering

Developing your implementation plan.

Together we develop an action plan for implementing your new brand strategy. We anticipate barriers and determine how to overcome them. And we address how to get your internal organization aligned with developing the brand to the plan.


Customer insights feed our thinking.

Qualitative research offers one of the best tools we have for understanding people in human terms, getting at underlying motivations, and answering the important "why" questions relating to behavior.

We create environments for candid discussion, listening with a passion for discovery. By moving beyond surface comments, we uncover the emotional connections between people and brands.

Unafraid to venture where people live, work and play, we become immersed in the customer’s world. This leads to insights upon which big ideas are based, often uncovering perspectives that alter the very way you do business.


A unique resource.

Cindy Anderson, President

Cindy is a classically-trained, creative strategic thinker with U.S. and international experience in research-based planning for blue chips and start-ups alike.

Prior to launching Bridges Consulting in 1996, her talents were developed with several respected advertising firms, most notably Young & Rubicam.

Teaming up with marketers, advertising agencies and corporate communicators around the country, Cindy is hands-on and in the trenches with your organization and your customers.

Combining strong analytical and intuitive skills, she goes beyond the numbers to decode, decipher and interpret customer and market data for brand strategy, positioning, and communications development.


An experienced resource.

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